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Supporting Transitions,
Changing Lives

“Mental health is an investment in ourselves, and in the children we are raising into tomorrow’s adults.”

Today you are taking the first important step in helping yourself. You are looking for a caring, compassionate therapist.

My name is Dr. Kira Bartlett. I am a New York state licensed clinical psychologist who has had over 14 years of successful clinical experience with individuals in short- and long-term psychotherapy. I specialize in supporting people through challenging life transitions. With care and compassion, I can help you find yourself and your life again.

How I Can Help You
Do you need help with depression, mood disorders, anxiety, panic, or stress? Would specialized counseling at every life cycle stage enable you live a better life? Working together, let me help you find:

  • Strength and recovery from sadness, loneliness, helplessness and fatigue
  • Control over your fears
  • The power to move forward with peace and calmness
  • Ways to alleviate tension on a daily basis.

Meet Dr. Kira Bartlett
Dr. Bartlett strives to create a non-judgmental environment for examining personal issues while aiding her clients in becoming more comfortable with a wide range of emotional experiences that make life interesting and enjoyable. Learn more...

My Practice

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Frequently Asked Questions
Every new journey starts with questions. Some of your questions about mental health, Dr. Bartlett's approach and her expertise may be answered in the FAQs below. If you have others, please feel free to Contact Dr. Bartlett.

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If there is a true medical emergency, dial 911.

Kira Bartlett


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Groups are forming now for postpartum parents!

The transition to parenthood can be challenging. Find the support you need with Dr. Kira Bartlett. Groups are developing on an ongoing basis and individual appointments are always available.

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