Dr. Kira Bartlett

Transition to Early Adulthood

The college and post-college years can be an incredibly exciting time as one looks ahead and plans for the future. However, the options can sometimes feel overwhelming. For some clients, making choices during this period becomes more difficult.

Exploring Choices
Separating from one’s family of origin, moving out onto one’s own and taking steps toward a career can be daunting. Supportive psychotherapy is useful in helping clients move more fluidly through this time in their lives.

Taking Action
Psychotherapy can be a helpful tool in providing support as one takes steps to increase independence. Clients can begin to sort through possible choices and embark on new and exciting journeys with collaboration at each step.

transitioning to adulthood

Valuable Resources

  • Contemporary Adulthood: Calendars, Cartographies & Constructions (2010). Burnett, J. (ed), Macmillan
  • Handbook of Youth & Young Adulthood:
    New Perspectives & Agendas
    (2009). Furlong, A. (ed), Routledge, NY

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Psychotherapy as Your Next Step

Utilizing a broad range of techniques, I can help you explore the feelings and beliefs that may be stopping you from creating positive changes that will lead to the satisfaction that you seek.