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Frequently Asked Questions

Every new journey begins with questions. These are some commonly asked questions regarding general psychotherapy issues, inquiries about my work and approach to psychotherapy, and other practical information. Please feel free to contact me with any further questions you might have. 

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Psychotherapy therapy

General Psychotherapy FAQ

Is psychotherapy right for me?
The decision to enter therapy is a very personal one. For some, there are long-standing issues, or stuggles with anxiety or depression, for example.

Transitional therapy

My Approach FAQ

What can I expect in psychotherapy?
Every therapy session is unique, and tailored to each individual client and his/her specific goals. Individual sessions are 50 minutes and groups run 60 minutes. The frequency can vary from one time per week or more, depending on need.

New York, NY, Westchester

My Practice FAQ

How do I start psychotherapy?
By finding my website, you have taken the first step in locating the help and support that you need to feel better. Please contact me either by email or phone to set up your initial consultation.



General Psychotherapy

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Postpartum Issues