Dr. Kira Bartlett

FAQ - My Approach

1. What can I expect in psychotherapy?
Every therapy session is unique, and tailored to each individual client and his/her specific goals.  Individual sessions are 50 minutes and groups run 60 minutes. The frequency can vary from one time per week or more, depending on need.

After initial sessions that allow for an exploration or the presenting problem and history, you, the client set the agenda. I will ask clarifying questions, suggest strategies, and help you think about yourself differently. The goal is to begin to understand your past experiences and to use insights from treatment in making constructive changes in your life. Therapy can be short-term, focused on a specific issue or longer-term, to address more complex issues or ongoing personal growth and support. 




2. What if medication is indicated?
Upon completion of a thorough evaluation, we will make a decision together if medication will be helpful. I will be happy to refer you to a psychiatrist who can evaluate further.

3. Do you see only individuals for therapy?
I treat clients within a variety of different modalities. For some, individual therapy will be most beneficial. For others, however, couples treatment is indicated to work on issues within the relationship, either around infertility, parenting, or other relationship stressors. In other cases, working with either the mother or father and baby can be useful in helping families struggling with postpartum mood disorders. Lastly, I treat other clients in groups to allow for the benefit of shared experience.

Individuals, Couples & Small Groups
Dr. Kira Bartlett understands that depending on the situation, therapy might be most effective with more than one person. Whether sessions include loved ones or a group of similarly affected individuals, Dr. Bartlett knows how best to proceed. Convenient locations in Westchester and Manhattan, both have ample group space that allows for comfortable discussions.