Dr. Kira Bartlett


According to recent statistics infertility affects about 10% of the US population.          

Infertility refers to a condition whereby either a man or a woman is unable to produce a child. Infertility is a complex medical conditional that can bring about a multitude of psychological issues. It can be acute, following unexpected news or more open ended and chronic with no closure and many ups and downs. Like with any loss, infertility can bring up unresolved emotional issues from the past. 

The couple may feel anger, sadness, frustration, or guilt. Infertility can trigger feelings of jealously, envy and may cause couples to isolate themselves. Marital, family and social relationships may be impacted as well. One of the most troubling aspects is the loss of control couples may experience. It is vital that couples receive support and empowerment to decrease anxiety and increase hope.


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Infertility counseling

“Talking about these issues can be painful, and sometimes couples will avoid these conversations simply to avoid encountering tears and sadness.  It is always painful to give up something you have hoped for and worked toward for a long time.  But couples must not forget that feelings are important in making decisions.  Avoiding painful feelings will only leave the couple without the valuable information they need for the tough decisions facing them.”
A Therapist’s View (1992). Burns, LH. Resolve Fact Sheet Series #17.